Monday, August 19, 2013

Windchill 10.0 Debug Logging

We have been having some issues with our WindChill/PTC Creo system and have had to reach out to their tech support.  Through this issue I have learned how to enable debug logging and what log files they typically need to resolve cases.  By knowing this information you can speed up the resolution process by including debug logs with initial case opening message instead of waiting for the tech to request.

  1. Access server running Windchill
  2. Start > All Programs > Windchill_10.0 > Windchill Shell
  3. Enter: xconfmanager -s -t codebase/ –p
    • Set to false to disable
Now reproduce what ever caused your error and you will have a nice debug log to send.  

The logs location may vary. Ours are located in [Drive]:\PTC\Winchill_10.0\Windchill\logs

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