Monday, July 14, 2014

HP Driver Packs

First order of business at my new job was to assist my SCCM Technical Analyst (TAn) with finding HP driver packs or cabs.

While talking with my TAns I learned that we are still developing images and having a hard time importing drivers from the installation disks for each system.  My SCCM TAn had experience with Dell and their driver cab files but had no luck locating HP cabs.  Some Googling and asking on SpiceWorks community pointed us to the driver packs.  

To find drivers packs for your equipment go to:

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

SharePoint 2010 HR Site Setup and Configuration

Documenting setup of our departments for others and future needs. As the title states this is the setup of our Human Resource Departments site.

  1. Access Main Site Collection site [http://intranet]
  2. Site Actions > New Site
  3. Select Publishing Site
    • Title: Human Resources
    • URL: hr
  4. Wait for site to be created
  5. Update features for Human Resources site
    • Site Actions > Site Settings
    • Site Actions > Manage Site Features
    • Team Collaboration Lists > Activiate
  6. For our site we will be using the following parts:
    1. Welcome
      • Static welcome message from HR team
    2. Announcements
      • HR Accounements (Template: Announcement)
    3. Document Library
      • HR Document Library (Template: Document Library)
    4. Training Schedule
      • HR Training Schedule (Template: Calendar)
    5. Helpful Links
      • HR Helpful Links (Template: Links)
  7. Setup HR Announcements
    1. Site Actions > More Options
    2. Select Announcements from list in right pane
      1. Name: HR Announcements 
    3. Click Create
  8. Setup HR Document Library
    1. Site Actions > More Options
    2. Select Document Library from list in right pane
      1. Name: HR Document Library 
    3. Click Create
  9. Setup HR Training Schedule
    1. Site Actions > More Options
    2. Select Calendar from list in right pane
      1. Name: HR Training Schedule
    3. Click Create
  10. Setup HR Helpful Links
    1. Site Actions > More Options
    2. Select Links from list in right pane
      1. Name: HR Helpful Links
    3. Click Create

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

SharePoint 2010: Aggregate Calendars

If you receive the following error:

  • Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority 'Exchange_mail_server'. (87ed56e6-5b15-41ad-8672-72afdeb45460)
Check out this KB for help.
We completed Method 2 with best success.

New Job

Hello everyone,

So I don't recall if I publicly put this out but back in March I was let go from my last employer as there System Administrator/IT Support.  After a rough three months of searching, submitting resumes, meeting with placement companies I finally landed a new job.  As of July 2nd I accepted a job IT Manager at a School District.  The IT department consists of around 5 Technical Analysts and 6-8 Technical Assistants.  We support somewhere around 1000 faculty and 7800 students & parents.