Friday, August 16, 2013

ShoreTel Agent Login/Logoff via phones

We have a small number of users that are part of some groups within our ShoreTel System (Sales/Customer Service).

**Note Following only works if you have ShoreTel Workgroup Agent/Supervisor Access Licenses: else ShoreTel Administrator must manually make changes**

Recently there have been more questions on logging in and out as an agent during scheduled times. Below is a quick write up covering major models.

IP 212k:

  • Press Options > [Voice Mail Password] > #
  • Select "Agent State" via Custom Button
  • Select State [Logged In / Logged Out / Wrap-up] via Custom Button
  • Press Menu button to exit
IP 230/230g/265/560/560g/565g/:

  • Press Options > [Voice Mail Password] > #
  • Select "Agent State" via Up/Down Arrow control or press 5
  • Select State via Up/Down Arrow control
    • Logged In [1]
    • Logged Out [2]
    • Wrap-Up [3]
  • Press Done Softkey

Feature not available on following phones:
IP 110, IP 115, IP 210, IP 655 , IP 8000

For users on non-supported phones Agent status will need to be updated by ShoreTel Administrator.


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