Wednesday, August 21, 2013

SharePoint 2010: Creating New Web Application

Little write up on process of creating Web Applications for future referencing on later posts, avoid having to duplicate data over and over.

I will not be explaining all the options for those details check out:

  1. Access Central Administration site
    • Typically server name on port 9999 but will vary with installation.  On server shortcut located at: Start > All Programs > Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products > SharePoint 2010 Central Administration
  2. Application Management > Manage web applications
  3. Click New
  4. Complete following:
    1. Authentication
      • Classic Mode Authentication
    2. IIS Web Site
      • Create a new IIS web site: SharePoint - Test
        • Scheme I use is SharePoint - [SiteSubject]
          • SharePoint - HR / SharePoint - My Sites / etc
        • Port: Typically 80 unless known issues
        • Host Header: what you want the URL to be
          • http://[hostheader]:port
        • Path: Leave as defualt
    3. Security Configuration
      • Leave all as default unless you know you are using Kerberos/SSL or want to allow Anonymous (Public Sites)
    4. Public URL
      • URL: Leave default unless want different from Host Header
      • Zone: Can't change
    5. Application Pool
      • Create new: I just double check to make sure scheme is being applied: SharePoint - [hostheader][port]
      • Security Account: Leave as defualt (Typically Farm Account)
    6. Database Name and Authentication
      • Database server: [Enter Database Server DNS Name]
      • Database Name: Modify to following scheme
        • WSS_Content_[IIS Web site Name]
          • Ex: WSS_Content_Test (makes easier to find in SQL database
      • Database Authentication: Leave default unless your network requires it
    7. Failover Database Server: Enter Server name if you have mirrored SQL servers
    8. Search Server: Select desired Server if available
    9. Service Application Connections
      • Leave as default unless new web application does not require Service Application
    10. Customer Experience Improvement Program: No
  5. Click Okay; Wait for processing to complete
  6. Application Created Should Appear

Check out How-To on SpiceWorks:

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