Monday, September 2, 2013

SharePoint 2010: Hide Recently Modified

For our internal SharePoint each of our departments have a page.  Since we are using the Team Site template the pages are Wikis.  As this does not look professional I had to find a way to block on several pages (10-12 pages).

I did some searching and found you could do this two ways.

First way is per page and requires the Content Manager, following site provided the directions below:
This process works good for a few sites (1-3).

  1. Navigate to desired site
  2. Click Page > Site Actions > Edit Page
  3. Click Insert > Web Part
  4. Under Media and Content > Content Editor > Add
  5. Select the new webpart
  6. From ribbon click Format Text > HTML > Edit HTML Source
  7. Enter the following and Click Ok:
                  <style type="text/css">          
                         body #s4-leftpanel { display: none; }            
                        .s4-ca { margin-left: 0px; }          
     8.   Hiding the Content Editor
    • Webpart Tools Options > Web Part Properties
    • Expand Appearance 
    • Modify Chrome Type to None
    • Click OK
    • Save and Close page
Second way is to modify the site collections master page.  Following site provided directions:
  1. Navigate to Site with pages
  2. Click Page > Site Actions > Edit in SharePoint Designer
  3. Select Master Pages from Site Objects
  4. Select your master page to edit
    • Default is v4.master
  5. Click Edit file
    • Check out if prompted
  6. In code window scroll up till in the <head></head> section
  7. Enter following code somewhere between the <head></head> tags
    • <style type="text/css">.s4-recentchanges{display:none;}</style>
  8. Save the file
  9. Navigate back to Master pages
  10. Right click on page just edited and select Check In
    • Select Publish a major version
    • If prompted for content approval click yes
      • Browser will open
        • Select file Pending Approval
        • From drop down click Approve/Reject
        • Select approved and add comments if desired, click OK
          • Until approved changes will not take affect
Refresh the page and verify changes applied.


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