Monday, September 9, 2013

Server 2008: Rename Your Active Directory Domain

Server 2008: Rename Your Active Directory NetBios Name

Recently began setting up my own personal production and test networks on my personal VM host (VMware Esxi 5.1).  I had purchased a domain from GoDaddy and planed on using "".

Shortly after setting up the first Domain Controller realized I need to change my NetBois to allow login as domain\user instead of internal\user.

Some quick Google searching provided the following resource:

Step 1: Access Domain Controller

Step 2: Open a command prompt

  • Start > Run > cmd
Step 3: Generate Domainlist.xml
  • From command prompt enter "rendom /list"
    • 2008R2 directory: C:\users\[logged in user]
Step 4: View list.xml file
  • From command prompt enter "type domainlist.xml"
Step 5: Edit Domainlist to correct NetBios name
  • Browse to file location
    • 2008R2 directory: C:\users\[logged in user]
  • Right-click and select edit (use favorite text editor if prompted)
  • Locate <!--ForestRoot -->
  • Change NetBiosName value from current (internal) to desired (domain)
    • Note I only wanted to change login from internal\user to domain\user if you wish to change domain completely update all instances of old value to new desired value.
Step 6: Verify desired changes
  • From command prompt enter "rendom /showforest"
  • Verify results
    • For domain login ensure FlatName is what you want
    • For entire rename ensure correct values for all fields
Step 7: Upload changes

  • From command prompt enter "rendom /upload"
Step 8: Prepare domain controller for update
  • From command prompt enter "rendom /prepare"
    • Best practice is to ensure all domain controllers have firewall off for remainder of operation
Step 9: Execute domain update
  • From command prompt enter "rendom /execute"
    • Verify no errors on results if so resolve before continuing (issue I ran into was firewall issues)
    • Note Domain Controllers may begin restarting. 
      • (Al-Dabbas stated his did, my experience they did not)
At this point I was able to logoff then back on as domain\user with now issues.  As I had just created the domain I did not need to continue past Step 6 of TrainSignal Blog their remaining steps walk you through updating any previous GPOs that were created.


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