Friday, May 5, 2017

Github Setup

For my current PowerShell series I am using several tools.

First, there is Git as I am posting code to a public GitHub.  For this process I have two options Git via CLI and Git via GUI.

Git CLI:

Git GUI:

  • For the GUI side I utilize GitKracken. 
  • It is OS agnostic which is nice when I have access to both Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. 
Second, is the text editor I have recently switched to:Visual Studio Code (  Visual Studio Code is OS agnostic like GitKracken offering installation on Linux, Windows, and Mac.  In addition there are "Extensions" to add additional features to the base program. Currently I am using PowerShell extension to allow writing code and executing in one window (similar to PowerShell ISE) but also supports Git commands to quickly commit and push to current Repo.   I have barely begun to learn Visual Studio Code and imagine it can do much more then what I currently use it for.

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