Monday, March 9, 2015

Dual Platform Woes - Password Alerts

As my current employer moves to a dual platform of Windows and Mac systems we have ran in to issues with users not being aware of password expiration.  As such the Technology team has had to look for ways to ensure both Windows and Mac users are aware of upcoming password expiration.

To accomplish this we have deployed the following:

  1. PowerShell Script
    • Password Alert
      • Runs daily at 7AM
      • Starts 14 days from expiration and continues until password reset
      • Provides links and directions on how to reset password
    • Password Expiration Report
      • Sends single email with OU Expiration reports attached
    • Use Windows Task Scheduler to execute scripts daily
    • Run on DC

  2. ADPassMon
We have just implemented both of these into our environment.  Will include complete write ups on setup of each option in the near future.

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