Monday, March 16, 2015

Apple Tips and Tricks Vol 1

As my current employer moves to a dual platform of Apple and Windows I have found I need to learn Apple shortcuts. Below is list of tips and tricks Vol 1 we use on a regular basis.
  • OS X
    • Quit Apps (Force Close)
      • Option-Command (⌘)-Esc
      • Force close stalled / hanging apps
    • Screen shots
      • MacBooks offer 3 keyboard varieties and a simple program
        • Grab (Windows Snipping Tool)
          • Allows capturing screen via 4 options
          • Allows previewing of capture before saving
          • Selection
            • Click and drag the selection box to form a rectangle around the desired screen area. Release the mouse cursor to capture the image.
          • Window
            • Captures any window that you choose
          • Screen
            • Saves a snapshot of the entire display
          • Timed Screen
            • Set a time delay before the screen shat is captured. Use this option if you wish to perform a task, such as opening a menu, before capturing the screen shot.
        • Keyboard shortcuts
          • Command-Shift-3
            • Capture a screen shot of the entire screen
            • Image is automatically saved to the clipboard
          • Command-Shift-4
            • Capture a specific area of the screen
            • Click and drag the selection box over the desired area, release the mouse cursor to capture the image.
          • Command-Shift-Spacebar
            • Create a screen shot of an entire window
            • Click the window you want to capture

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