Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SharePoint 2010: Setup Document Library to accept emails

To better utilize our SharePoint setup and reduce strain on end users I needed to set up processing of incoming emails for a couple of document libraries (Quotes and Shipping Labels).  Below are the steps I used to complete.

Check out my How-to with screen shots on SpiceWorks at:

Ensure your SharePoint Server has SMTP feature installed and configured.

First we need to configure some farm level features:

  1. Access Central Administration > System Settings
  2. Configure Incoming email settings
  3. Enable Incoming E-Mail
    1. Enable: Yes
    2. Mode: Automatic
      • Automatic for email
      • Advanced for drop folder (need to validate permission's on folder)
  4. Directory Management Service
    1. Directory Management Service: Yes
      • No - will have to manually create any needed groups and contacts
      • Yes - SharePoint will create groups and contacts as needed
      • Remote - Seperate server configured to manage the creation of groups and contacts
    2. Container: Enter container info
      • We setup a seperate OU for all our SharePoint Accounts and Groups during setup so we just added an OU with in called Contacts
    3. SMTP mail server: SharePoint Server with SMTP service running
    4. Accept messages from authenticated users only
      • Yes for internal use only
      • No to allow outside emails to be processed
    5. Distrubution group creation
      • Yes Allow creation of Distribution groups
      • No Deny creation of Distrubution groups
    6. Distrubution group settings - Limit settings allowed with SharePoint if groups can be created
      • Create new distribution group
      • Change distribution group e-mail address 
      • Change distribution group title and description
      • Delete distribution group
  5. Incoming E-Mail Server Display Address
    • Set to something user friendly / your domain
  6. Safe E-Mail Servers
    • You can limit what email servers to process email from or leave it open to all.

Next we need to setup the feature on desired Document Library.

  1. Navigate to desired Document Library you wish to add feature to.
  2. On the ribbon click"Library"
  3. Click "Library Settings"
  4. Click "Incoming e-mail settings" under Communications
  5. Complete the following:
    1. Incoming E-Mail
      1. Allow: Yes
      2. E-mail address: [Enter email address to use]
    2. E-Mail Attachments
      1. Group: Select process that works for you
      2. Overwrite: Decide if overwrite is allowed or not
    3. E-Mail Message
      1. Decide if the email message needs to be saved also
    4. E-Mail Meeting Invitations
      1. Decide if the email message needs to be saved also
    5. E-mail Security
      1. Decide how you want to control who can add to library
        1. If allowing outside emails in you may see SPAM

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