Friday, October 11, 2013

SharePoint 2010: Adding back deleted User Profile Property

So recently playing with SharePoint User Profiles.  Noticed we were getting duplicate Office/Office Values.  This was being caused by our Sync with AD as SP would pull the Office Field and SP also has an Office Location (that for use was the same).  I attempted to reuse the SP Office Location but could not make it accept the values I wanted.  I just deleted it, oops now profile pages wouldn't load.  Did some searching and found this article to be the most help full.

Adding back deleted User Profile Property

Most specifically found Modulacht's response to be the best:

------------------Begin Quote------------------

Create a new Property with name like "SPSLocation" (leave the '-' after 'SPS'). In this way the propertyname will be accepted. Now just start your SQL-Server Management Studio, select and edit the appropriate record in you profile database.

In my case I used the following SQL: Using this SQL to select the appropriate record (Ensure that you only get 1 result-line!!!):

FROM PropertyList
WHERE PropertyName='SPSLocation'

Using this SQL to edit the appropriate record:

UPDATE PropertyList
SET PropertyName='SPS-Location'
WHERE PropertyName='SPSLocation'

------------------End Quote------------------

Followed above steps and within 10 minutes had my Profiles back working.

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