Thursday, April 9, 2015

Google Apps for Education / Work: Life Saver

Today's post takes a step back to look at a recent solution we discovered for managing our Chromebooks at current employer.  We currently have 900+ devices scattered through many organization units (OUs).

We recently received an order of 140 units that were to be white gloved from a new vendor.  We were looking for a way to quickly move and update this lot at one time.

From a recent post on GAFE Admin ( lead us to a Google Add-On: Chromebookinventory (

Chromebook Inventory allows you to pull chromebooks from your Google Domain into a Google Sheet.  You choose time frame based on enrollment.  This in itself is a great benefit.  But the greatest feature of Chromebook Inventory is the ability to push changes in the Google sheet back into your domain.

We were able to use this tool to update the Organization Path, Annotated Location and even add notes to each of the 140 units we received.

Highly recommend this add-on for any Google Apps for Education / Work admin.


Chromebookinventory (
GAFE Admin (

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