Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday IT Poem

'Twas the week before Christmas
And all through SpiceWorks
There were plenty of tickets
Put in from dumb jerks.
Their computers weren't working
Or so they all said
But the IT folks knew
Users are brain-dead
Still every ticket was logged
Every problem looked at
Encountering every user
And pictures of their cats
There was a printer jam
And one with no ink
One had no paper
And someone clogged the sink
That shouldn't be IT
That we all know
But the ticket still came in
So a plumbing I will go
As the weekend draws near
I just impatiently wait
It's almost Saturday
And won't that be great!
My presents are bought
My shopping is done
Everything's even wrapped
So now I just get to have fun
A weekend of Xbox
Playstation and Wii
So now I might be at work
But soon I'll be free!
And then next week comes
And everyone will be merry
And they'll all call off work
So my tickets won't be scary
Plus a day off on Wednesday
Oh what a delight
So Merry Christmas to all!
Especially SpiceRex

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